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The Lunar Society

  What’s Inside the Box? (originally posted on Bookpage.com) The Mystery Writers of America, along with editor Brad Meltzer, have brought together 21 original stories from 21 contemporary mystery writers in The Mystery Box.  In the second of three guest blog posts, Katherine Neville introduces the fascinating history behind her Mystery Box story, “The Lunar Society.” See a Preview of Katherine
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Preview ‘The Lunar Society’

Preview of Katherine Neville’s short story, “The Lunar Society” Read more from Katherine on the Lunar Society (the real society of scientists and humanists) For review purposes only. Read the preview on Google Books (and buy the anthology, The Mystery Box)   … To finish reading The Lunar Society by Katherine Neville – Purchase the book The Mystery Box Read more from Katherine on the
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How I Became a Basque Celtic Sorceress

How I Became a Basque Celtic Sorceress: Protectress of the Sacred Forest of Oma, Spain I was attending a private retreat at a Basque farm, following a conference of the World Congress of Music Therapy in Vittoria-Gasteiz, in northern Spain. The scientists at our retreat  were sitting outside on the farmhouse porch, giving talks on various topics. But every so often, a man with a pitchfork came walking along the nearb
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Views from Olana and Church’s Paintbox

Returning from my editor’s memorial, I revisited Hudson River artist and naturalist Frederick Church’s wonderful home, Olana. Chock full of ‘Orientalist’ items like Persian rugs, Moroccan Windows, and even a stuffed peacock, it reminded me of a huge version of the treehouse in Sausalito where I wrote my early books. Inspiration! Here are views of, and from, Olana, and Church’s paintbox.
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