Message from Katherine

Hello Readers!  Welcome to the new Katherine Neville web site! The theme of my new site reflects the central theme of all my books: The Quest. The Quest novel is the oldest form of literature in the world, yet it remains timelessly fresh and appealing. Parsifal was seeking the Holy Grail, Jason hunted the Golden Fleece, Gilgamesh of Sumeria sought the Elixir of Life, and Odysseus and Dorothy of Oz were each searching for that elusive place called “home.” Whenever we set off on a new journey into the unknown, seeking something we yearn for, we always discover a surprising new world of things that we were never expecting. In the Quest, it’s the seeking, more than the finding, that is our mission. The pictures in the carousel above will reflect locations that you and I have visited together in each of my books, as well as some new ones! And I hope that the ever-changing information under The Quest below will point the way to many new adventures! Bon Voyage! – Katherine