Essays & Articles About the Books

Richard Ruiz Garzon

An especially fascinating twenty-seven page essay written by the noted Spanish journalist, in which he brilliantly decrypts some of of the more scintillating puzzles that are buried in The Eight.

Paul Witcover

Essays written by author Paul Witcover in which he delves into intriguing and little known aspects of the historical characters of The Eight and The Fire, as well as some of the secret societies and food & drink featured in the novels.

Dana Gavin

Dana Gavin writes about the books and films with which The Eight was compared to when it was first published. Read about this potpourri, ranging from books by writers Alexandre Dumas to Umberto Eco, from works like Alice in Wonderland to Indiana Jones! Gavin then describes the works which have been compared to The Eight. Check out this dazzling array of books by writers from Perez-Reverte, A.S. Byatt, and Dan Brown — to J.K. Rowling!


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Over the years, many readers who have already read all of my books (and short stories) have written me, asking whether there are any fun and interesting authors, writing today, whose books I could recommend to them…

Visit the list of books that I’ve written quotes for — with a copy of the text of each of my quotes (“blurbs”)— including, among others, Steve Berry, Stephenie Meyer, Elizabeth Kostova, David Liss, Gayle Lynds — and more!