A Calculated Risk 25th Birthday Celebration Special

 Our contest celebrating the 25th Anniversary of A Calculated Risk has come to a close.

Congratulations! Your books will be shipped the first week in January 2018. 

Each person listed below will receive an autographed copy of the original paperback of A Calculated Risk, chosen as a 1992 NY Times Notable Book. This first paperback edition has a secret vault of gold bars hidden inside the jacket. 

Names of winners have been chosen through random dartboard selection.

Joseph in Malta

Maureen in Oregon

Rita in Illinois

Athanasia in Greece

Ann in New Hampshire

Estela in Spain

Rebecca in Michigan

Jesus in Spain

Vanessa in Florida

Wolfgang in Santa Fe

Enrique in Spain

Carin in Utah

Pauline in France

Luz Maria in Mexico

Patricia in Canada

Mark in London

Erica in Mexico

Ellie in Canada

Jan in Virginia

Jim in Florida

Geoffrey in Pennsylvania

Robin in Virginia

Laura in Florida

Marina in Virginia

Laura in Great Britain


Neville tossing darts for selection

Calculated Risk


Selected as a NY Times Notable Book 

A CALCULATED RISK has often been credited as the first true “insider” computer caper novel, with a plot that proves the adage “Information is Power.”


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