Algeria/Tunisia Gallery


For Katherine’s birthday in Algeria her colleagues held a Meschoui – a goat is slow roasted for 48 hours.
At the end of the roasting you pull the meat off with your hands.
Katherine says, “Dionysus being one of my favorite gods, I was not too happy about the idea of eating a young goat.”
Katherine’s colleagues enjoying the Meschoui.


‘Gorge of the Gosse’ Heather blooming in Tizi Ouzou, en route to Kabylia

Katherine in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
Kabylia (inspiration for el Marad’s place in The Eight)



Desert Fantasia

Camel races at Douz, in the bottom of the Sahara in Tunisia


Camel Market
Sheep and other animals at an oasis market in the desert of Tunisia


Marketplace at Zeralda, Algeria