Sketches and Drawings
Marketplace at Zeralda
Marketplace at Zeralda (detail)

Carmina Burana,” Ballet Backstage
Nutcracker” Sugarplum Fairies, Ballet Backstage
Payton with Cinnabar Vase
Catherine in Linen Blouse


I’d met the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude at a Monticello luncheon one July 4th. They were the speakers for a group of several hundred newly fledged US Citizens. I’ve always been partial to red-headed French women–I wrote a book about one! Jeanne-Claude was actually born in Morocco, and had dyed hair, but she was, as the French say, “Such a One!”

The invitation to her memorial services included an early photo of her, when she first arrived in Paris, around age 18. I did an underpainting of her and another of Pablo Picasso, and his cat Minou, when he first arrived Paris, also age 18.

Final paintings are in progress.


Pablo Picasso

More Underpaintings

Copy of El Greco’s “St. John the Evangelist
Original “St. John the Evangelist
Copy of Marie-Guillemine Benoist’s “Portrait of Madeleine
Original “Portrait of Madeleine
Algiers Men” in Katherines Studio
Detail of “Algiers Men”
Orchids (Cymbidium)
Boy in Kabylia, Algeria
4’x5′ copy of Miro’s “Femme Oiseau”
Atlas Moutains, Kabylia, Algeria