Denver Civic Ballet

Katherine “took hundreds of photos at rehearsals and performances of The Nutcracker, Carmina Burana, El Amor Brujo and others” during her time photographing the Denver Civic Ballet.

The vicissitudes of photography

The business manager of the Denver Civic Ballet did not like to be photographed. When he was crossing the room, the principal male dancer (Au Pointe) picked him up, and held him (with the encouragement of the company dog) until he agreed to be photographed!

Premier Gorsuch of Vail Catalogue

At right is the hot air ballon Katherine used during the Gorsuch of Vail catalogue shoot:

“We were negotiating a deal to hang me off the top of the balloon so I could photograph it, but we couldn’t figure out how to land without reeling me in first!

I was very adventuresome as a photographer because I had been in so many precarious situations as a model and a studio assistant, so my experience suggested that the best way to get a good shot is to try something you have never tried before and see what surprises you!

The hot air balloon N87CD: Colorado

Surprises from the Gorsuch shoot included learning that chickens do not like to held, even by models, and that they do like to eat and destroy sweaters.

The final shot for “Sportswear to crow about…” (below, right) did not include the foul-tempered fowl.

‘Outtake’ from shooting the Gorsuch of Vail Catalogue
Final shot for the catalogue
First Colorado Calendar
Photoshoot with stylist for “Scissors” Salon Ad
Horseshoes: My first Nikon print
Horseshoes (Photo: Katherine Neville)

“Of the dozens of rolls of film I shot with my Nikon F, this was the first picture I felt was worthy of being printed!” Katherine says.