Rebuilding the Studio

Putting together the post and beam reconstruction of kiln house studio. Peter Bugler of Acorn Design in Pennsylvania brought me these beautiful cedar posts nearly 20 feet tall and 19 caliper inches across.

Dismantling the Studio

The kiln house was fully dismantled and a new structure inspired by the old one will be built in it’s place.

Dismantling the Kiln

It took a year and a half and a team of potters to completely dismantle Teruo Hara’s kilns at the Japanese House. The potters took apart the kilns, brick by brick, and plan to rebuild them in southern Virginia. Mr. Hara had built a large gas kiln and a small wood fired kiln. And now we’ll begin to rebuild the kiln house as a studio, part […]

Relocating the Kiln

As part of the restoration of the Japanese House, a team of professional potters is dismantling Teruo Hara’s historic, hand-built kilns, which will be reassembled at a pre-designed location for continued use. We are documenting the complete deconstruction/reconstruction process. Teruo Hara was a famous potter serving at the Corcoran School (now part of George Washington […]