Magic Circle: Further Reading

For those Readers who wish to pursue these topics further, here are some lists of suggested reading. On Russia, Central Asia, the East Not long before my final Russian research trip, the Treasures of Schliemann’s Troy had been found in boxes in a basement in Moscow and were on public display, at the Pushkin, for […]

The Magic Circle: The Norns of Nurnberg

The minute I first stepped off the train in 1989 at the jewel-like town of Nurnberg, I realized that in all the books I’d already read about Nazi Germany in my research for The Magic Circle–everything from serious historical treatments to woo-woo occult fantasy–nobody had ever raised one question. Why did Adolf Hitler base his […]

The Magic Circle: The Power of Water

Snake River, Idaho I first got the idea of writing The Magic Circle while living in Idaho, where I’d moved in 1978 from Colorado to work with people from many different countries and cultures, all involved in energy research and nuclear safety. I was living in a tiny, furnished flat on the second floor of […]