Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly “PW Interviews: Katherine Neville”December 23, 1988

Romantic Times

Romantic Times Magazine interview of Katherine Neville“The Story Behind a Cult Classic: The Eight“March 1999

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle interview of Katherine Neville“Computer Genius’ Unique Novel Hits Big”March 16, 1989

Suspense Magazine

Suspense Magazine interview of Katherine Neville“Katherine Neville Shares a Secret so Don’t Tell”April 2016 Download Suspense Magazine (April 2016) as a PDF

Library Journal

Library Journal interview with Katherine Neville“First Novelists: 142 New Novels for Fall & Winter” October 1, 1988

St. Paul Pioneer Press

St. Paul Pioneer Press interview of Katherine Neville“Perfect Potboiler Unparalled, with Puzzles Aplenty”February 1, 1989

Marin Independent Journal

Marin Independent Journal interview of Katherine Neville“Out on a limb: Perseverance pays off in best seller”

Celebrity Bulletin

The Celebrity Bulletin interview of Katherine Neville‘Celebrity of the Day’ 1987

Bestsellers World

Bestsellers World interview of Katherine Neville“Interview with Katherine Neville”July 9, 2002 Author Photo by Karl Pribram From all the books you have written, do you have a favorite? I love all my books, but I love The Magic Circle best. It is the first book I tried to write, sort of like the first child […]

Wausau Daily Herald

Wausau Daily Herald interview of Katherine Neville‘Fire author Neville enjoys the thrill of chess game’ November 30, 2008

Warrenton Lifestyle

Warrenton Lifestyle interview of Katherine Neville“About Katherine Neville and her new book The Fire“

“Authors on Editing” with Kris Spisak

Kris Spisak interview of Katherine Neville“Authors on Editing: Interview with Katherine Neville” Authors on Editing: Interview with Katherine Neville Many writers aspire to craft intrigue, to evoke a fascination in history and the world that we live in through page-turning plots and three-dimensional characters, but few make an impact as great as international bestseller Katherine […]

Virginia Literary Awards Week

Art in Literature & The Virginia Literary Award Dinner Here are some photos from the twentieth anniversary celebration of the Virginia Literary Awards. My friend and colleague David Baldacci was honored this year with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. Also pictured is Margot Lee Shetterly, 2017 People’s Choice Award recipient for her book, Hidden Figures. Katherine with […]


MomCentral interview with Katherine Neville“International Best-selling Author Katherine Neville Captivates a New Generation”October 27, 2015 International Best-selling Author Katherine Neville Captivates a New Generation   A jewel-encrusted chess set once owned by Charlemagne. Two young nuns embroiled in the French Revolution. An American computer expert assigned to a high-stakes mission. More than 25 years ago, […]

Random House Interview

Interview with Katherine Neville about The Fire Random House Interview: A Talk with Katherine Neville It’s been twenty years since The Eight. Why did it take so long to write The Fire? I don’t actually write my books, they kind of write themselves—but they also seem to decide on their own when they are going to be […]

Scholastic Chess

Scholastic Chess interview of Katherine Neville about The Eight“Alisa and The Eight“February 2005 Alisa and The Eight NM Dan Heisman was kind enough to inform me about the following interesting story involving WFM Alisa Melekhina, the 6th-place finisher in the Girls Under-14 category of the recent World Youth Chess Championship held in Greece. Novelist Katherine […]