BookTrib: Two Clips (3:37min & 4:01min)

BookTrib video interview clips of Katherine Neville (3:37 min & 4:01 min) Katherine Neville On Her Body Of Work Video (3:37 min) Katherine Neville, Author Of The Eight Video (4:01 min)

BookTrib: Novels (37:20min)

BookTrib video interview with Katherine Neville (37:20 min)“Katherine Neville and Her Re-Released Acclaimed Novels”October 1, 2015 Katherine Neville and Her Re-Released Acclaimed Novels In this interview best-selling author Katherine Neville discusses three of her novels (The Eight, The Magic Circle and A Calculated Risk) that are being re-released by Open Road Media as e-books. Synopses of […]

Author Magazine (7:25min)

Author Magazine video interview of Katherine Neville (7:25 min)December 2008 Author presents: Katherine Neville Video (7:25 min)

National Book Festival (28:31min)

Katherine Neville speaking at the National Book Festival Video (28:31 min) National Book Festival Group photo at the breakfast before The National Book Festival Above is the group photo of all of us at the breakfast, just before the festival, that was hosted by The Washington Post. Among the friends and fellow Mystery-Thriller writers I […]

PBS-WLIW Author Imprint (23:09min)

Author Imprint (PBS-WLIW) video interview (23:09 min)“Panel: Steve Berry, Katherine Neville, and Jeffery Deaver”May 31, 2018 PBS-WLIW Author Imprint Steve Berry, Katherine Neville, and Jeffery Deaver My friends and colleagues, Steve Berry, Jeffery Deaver and I had fun being interviewed by Maddie Orton, as among the first authors in the inaugural year of New York’s PBS show […]

The Fire in Spain (3:24min)

Following the progress of Katherine Neville’s book tour through Spain for The Fire (El Fuego). Video (3:24 min)

Katherine Neville on her inspiration for The Eight (2:04min)

Open Road video of Katherine Neville discussing The Eight (2:04 min)“Katherine Neville, Author of The Eight“July 20, 2015 Katherine Neville, Author of The Eight Neville discusses what inspired her novel, The Eight. This video was filmed at the Chess Forum in Manhattan. Video (2:04 min)

“Authors on Editing” with Kris Spisak

Kris Spisak interview of Katherine Neville“Authors on Editing: Interview with Katherine Neville” Authors on Editing: Interview with Katherine Neville Many writers aspire to craft intrigue, to evoke a fascination in history and the world that we live in through page-turning plots and three-dimensional characters, but few make an impact as great as international bestseller Katherine […]

Magic Circle Interview

Interview with Katherine Neville about The Magic Circle What is The Magic Circle about? The Magic Circle is the story of transformation. It is the story of an aeon–a 2,000-year cycle–that began at the rise of the Roman Empire and the birth of Christianity and that is approaching its completion right now. The ancients of […]

Celebrity Cafe interviews Katherine Neville

Interview with Celebrity Cafe ( Katherine Neville’s novels have sold millions of copies around the world. She weaves a line between historical descriptions and fantasy which have fans clamoring for her books and writings. In our interview Katherine gives a little behind the scenes view of her writing style and method. DM) A lot of […]

Calculated Risk Interview with Tacoma News Tribune

Interview with Tacoma News Tribune Tacoma, Washington There are two likely responses most of us would have to the question, “How safe is your money?”1. “What money?2. “Well, now that you mention it, I don’t know.” In a way, author Katherine Neville is interested in both responses. According to her latest novel, “A Calculated Risk”, […]

Calculated Risk Interview with Seattle Times

Interview with Seattle Times Seattle, Washington It’s not that you are exactly overburdened with trust for your local savings and loan, after all the bad-loan-and-bailout scandals.But Katherine Neville is likely to make you cast a jaundiced eye over the entire banking community. Her new book, “A Calculated Risk” is a caper novel with a feminist […]

The Independent

The Independent book review of The FireNovember 20, 2008 The Fire, By Katherine Neville Just like The Da Vinci Code – but much better Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code has become instant shorthand for those who consider it the last word in dumbed-down, crassly written fiction. But there is no denying the appeal of […]

Katherine Neville: From The Eight to The Fire

Interviewed by Sandra Parshall Twenty years ago, Katherine Neville published The Eight, a novel with a mixture of history, adventure, mystery, and suspense that has proven remarkably enduring – since its initial publication, The Eighthas never been out of print. Now, at last, Katherine has published a sequel, The Fire, which went on sale yesterday. Her other novels, A […]

The Bookseller

The Bookseller “Book News” article about The Eight“Pieces of Eight for The Eight” December 1988


Cosmopolitan (UK) book review of The EightAugust 1989

Publishing News

Publishing News book review of The Eight“Liz Thomson looks at what could become a 1989 cult classic”December 16, 1988

Daily News

The Daily News book review of The Eight“Mysticism murder and mystery” (Book of the Day)August 31, 1989

Katherine Neville Shares a Secret, so Don’t Tell

KATHERINE NEVILLE Shares a Secret, so Don’t Tell Interview by Suspense Magazine Sometimes we get an email that surprises us. Well, when we received an email from the publicist of Katherine Neville asking us if we would be interested in interviewing Katherine about her upcoming project, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. Katherine burst onto […]

First Novelists

First Novelists 142 New Novels for Fall & Winter Library Journal October 1, 1988 … For years, LJ has posed a question to authors and published a selection of their responses. This time, we asked them for their insights into trends in contemporary fiction and where they saw their own work in relation to those trends. […]

Virginia Literary Awards Week

Art in Literature & The Virginia Literary Award Dinner Here are some photos from the twentieth anniversary celebration of the Virginia Literary Awards. My friend and colleague David Baldacci was honored this year with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. Also pictured is Margot Lee Shetterly, 2017 People’s Choice Award recipient for her book, Hidden Figures. Katherine with […]


MomCentral interview with Katherine Neville“International Best-selling Author Katherine Neville Captivates a New Generation”October 27, 2015 International Best-selling Author Katherine Neville Captivates a New Generation   A jewel-encrusted chess set once owned by Charlemagne. Two young nuns embroiled in the French Revolution. An American computer expert assigned to a high-stakes mission. More than 25 years ago, […]

Random House Interview

Interview with Katherine Neville about The Fire Random House Interview: A Talk with Katherine Neville It’s been twenty years since The Eight. Why did it take so long to write The Fire? I don’t actually write my books, they kind of write themselves—but they also seem to decide on their own when they are going to be […]

Scholastic Chess

Scholastic Chess interview of Katherine Neville about The Eight“Alisa and The Eight“February 2005 Alisa and The Eight NM Dan Heisman was kind enough to inform me about the following interesting story involving WFM Alisa Melekhina, the 6th-place finisher in the Girls Under-14 category of the recent World Youth Chess Championship held in Greece. Novelist Katherine […]