Huston Smith and Chungliang “Al” Huang

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Philosopher Huston Smith and wife Kendra with Tai Chi master
Chungliang “Al” Huang: Esalen Institute, California, 1989

At Esalen with religious scholar and philosopher Huston Smith (The World’s Religions) and Tai Chi master Chungliang “Al” Huang (Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain.) The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav, was inspired by Al Huang’s observations about the relationship between modern physics & Eastern philosophy.

Karl’s brain research was often understood by philosophers, quantum physicists and esotericists better than by some in the scientific community.

The photos below are taken at Esalen during the Mind, Brain, and Spirituality symposium. To read more, see Katherine’s article: Esalen Retreat.

Al Huang, Karl, & Huston Smith
Al Huang, Karl, & Huston Smith
Brother David Steindl-Rast, Al Huang, & Karl
Karl & Huston Smith

Huston Smith, Al Huang, & Karl
Karl & Al Huang
Al Huang’s congratulatory note to Karl regarding the Havel Prize