With scientists and adventurers: Llubljana, Slovenia

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Karl with scientists and adventurers (L to R) Urban Kordes; Andrej Detela; Professor Dr Andrej Ule; Mitja Perus; Karl; Ernest Orizim; Katherine; Vida Drame-Orizim: Llubljana, Slovenia

Here’s a group photo after hiking the paths along the wild Dragon River in Slovenia, which disappears underground and resurfaces seven times!

The Ljubljanica River flows through Ljubljana (the city) as well as the Postojna Caves and Rakov Skocjan Canyon. It goes underground and resurfaces seven times and is called the Dragon River. A benefactor paid to have a pathway carved from the rock with bridges across it here and there. These are some photos of the journey.

Katherine and the Dragon River

Katherine speaking with Mitja Perus and Andrej Detela
Andrej Detela, Katherine Neville, Karl Pribram and Mitja Perus