THE FIRE Book Tour through Spain

The Fire was greeted spectacularly in Spain. Below is a great video that follows the book tour’s progress through Spain, and a few selections from the many photographs taken during the tour.

“El Fuego” Book Tour in Spain

Click on the video to watch (3:24 minutes)


One of the fabulous window displays and floor displays

David Lariño and I - David is a chess Grandmaster and was the Spanish Champion in 2008

Katherine and Grandmaster David Lariño (Spanish National Chess Champion).

David Lariño and I playing a game of chess

David Lariño playing a game of chess with me.

Drummers in the street for the book signing, bringing a festive atmosphere

Drummers in the street outside, bringing a festive Epiphany atmosphere for my book signing.

People waiting in the street for FNAC to open during my book signing

People in the street outside, waiting for my book signing.

Queue for book signing

Queue for another book signing.

My tally of books signed

One of my tallies of books personalized for readers.

Javier Sierra and I - Javier is one of the most successful authors in Spain

My friend Javier Sierra (New York Times Bestseller) is one of the most successful and popular authors in Spain. 

(Javier later traveled to DC and interviewed Katherine for El Mundo – read more: DC Mysteriosa.)