SiriusXM: Author Cafe (55:30min)

Author Cafe (SiriusXM Book Channel) audio interview (55:30 min)
“Interview with Katherine Neville, David Baldacci, and Daniel Stashower”

SiriusXM Book Channel: Author Cafe

Katherine Neville, David Baldacci, and Daniel Stashower

David Baldacci, Daniel Stashower and Katherine were invited by the producers of SiriusXM’s Book Channel, Kim Alexander and Maggie Linton, to be their guest on the first ever “Author Cafe.” A program of several hours of authors interviewing each other about their own work. It subsequently became the most popular and often listened to program of the Book Channel.


Part I (21:43 min)

A few of the topics discussed… Is the blank page your friend or foe? What is your approach to writing? How do you work with historical characters? How do you write a sequel to a successful novel? What inspired you to write?

Part II (19:15 min)

How do you develop your characters? How does history inform your novels? What is your research process like? How do you integrate research into your novels? 

Part III (15:32 min) 

More stories about strange, dangerous and wonderful research experiences. What’s coming up next for these great authors?