diyMFA: Writing the Epic Quest Novel (1hr 4:13min)

diyMFA audio interview with Katherine Neville (1 hr 4:13 min)
“Writing the Epic Quest Novel”
May 3, 2017

diyMFA Episode 145:

Writing the Epic Quest Novel 

Interview with Katherine Neville



Listen to the interview:

 by Gabriela Pereira 

Hey there word nerds!
Today I’m pleased to have Katherine Neville on the show.Katherine’s colorful, swashbuckling adventure novels, in the epic “Quest” tradition, have graced the bestseller lists in forty languages. In fact, her works—including The Eight which we discuss in the interview—have “paved the way” for books like the The Da Vinci Code and others in that genre.
In our interview, Katherine and I dive into her book The Eight and the craft elements she used in writing the expansive quest novel. 
In this episode Katherine and I discuss:

· How influences as varied as The Odyssey, the French Revolution, and chess inspired The Eight’s intricate plot and kept readers turning pages.

· What defines a quest novel, and how Katherine adapted this structure in her writing.

· Katherine’s unexpected strategy for introducing the main protagonist in chapter two, and why draws readers into the story.

· How to hook readers and build tension with a subtle but powerful opening line.

Plus, Katherine’s #1 tip for writers.

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