KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Autumn Equinox Newsletter Sept 21, 2020

KATHERINE NEVILLE’SAutumn Equinox NewsletterSeptember 21, 2020 Equal Day and Night The Equinox (“Equal Night”) is the event that comes twice a year, when day and night are equal in length. The autumn equinox (in the northern hemisphere) marks the turning point when our daylight hours grow shorter and darkness grows longer. Read more about this […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Solstice Advent(ure) Newsletter Dec 21, 2014

KATHERINE NEVILLE’SSolstice Advent(ure) NewsletterDecember 21, 2014 Advent: Return of the Sun Today is the last Sunday of the season of Advent (from Latin adventus, a coming) a period of four Sundays when the Christian church traditionally asks us to prepare for the arrival of the baby Jesus’ birthday on December 25th. People keep calendars with 24 […]