KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Autumn Equinox Newsletter Sept 21, 2020

KATHERINE NEVILLE’SAutumn Equinox NewsletterSeptember 21, 2020 Equal Day and Night The Equinox (“Equal Night”) is the event that comes twice a year, when day and night are equal in length. The autumn equinox (in the northern hemisphere) marks the turning point when our daylight hours grow shorter and darkness grows longer. Read more about this […]

Esmé: The Other Friendly Ghost

Esmé: The Other Friendly Ghost Katherine Neville’s 150-year-old Gothic house, built on the Civil War’s “Hallowed Grounds,” is also home to Esmé, a prank loving, treasure hunting ghost. Featured on: The Line-Up · 20 Jul 2015 (Open Road Publishing) Photo: Nicholas DeSciose Esmé, our ghost, was first sighted on Hallowe’en Day of 2000, shortly after […]

David Bohm: June 1992

Prague: The Holographic Paradigm In June of 1992, Karl Pribram and I were on a 16-hour train trip from Karl Jung’s remote center, Eranos, on Lago Maggiore in Switzerland, where I’d been doing research for my book The Magic Circle (in which Jungian archetypes play a great role.) We were headed to Prague, where Karl was to […]

Maya Angelou: Christmas 1989

Christmas in Maya Angelou’s study, (Katherine’s unique hand-made mohair Picasso sweater discovered by Karl in Venice.)

Maya Angelou: Christmas 1989 Maya Angelou and I had many interesting encounters and many mutual connections; a few are included here. When Karl Pribram and I left Stanford University in 1989, we barely had time to cross the country and get to Virginia with our pets, unload the moving van with our 26,000 pounds of […]