Smithsonian Libraries 50th Birthday Celebration

Smithsonian Libraries 50th Birthday: A Tribute from Great Authors! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Smithsonian Libraries being united under one umbrella. To celebrate this event in an exciting and original way, I invited famous authors to say “Happy 50th Birthday” to the Smithsonian Libraries, and asked each to speak for a few […]

Secret Smithsonian Castle Tour

A memorable way to spend my birthday! April 4th private tour for 50 guests, of the legendary Smithsonian Castle: my fellow author and fellow board member of the Smithsonian Libraries, Steve Berry, led a guided tour of hidden locales in the Castle. 

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Candlemas Newsletter February 2, 2011

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Candlemas Newsletter February 2, 2011   Happy Groundhog Day! “How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck If a Woodchuck could chuck wood?” – Children’s tongue-twister The Woodchuck (from its Cree Indian name “Otchock”) is a large North America Marmot that today we call Groundhog, for its habit of hibernating in deep underground tunnels. […]