Books I've Blurbed

Over the years, many readers who have already read all of my books have written me, asking whether there are any fun and interesting authors, writing today, whose books I could recommend to them.

I think the best recommendation I could possibly give would be to list a selection of authors whose books I myself have not only read– but whose books I’ve actually written a “blurb” for. (A blurb is an author comment that has been used on the book jacket of another author.)

Below is a list of those books (including my blurb for each) which I hope you will enjoy.

Have fun discovering and reading these authors!


The Deep Zone

by James M Tabor

“James M. Tabor’s Deep Zone packs all the suspenseful wallop of Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain,  Stephen King’s The Stand,  and Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. A literal “cliffhanger” that alters the way we look beneath the surface of our reality.”

The Book of Lost Fragrances

by M.J. Rose

“A simmering brew that mingles the erotic sensuality of Patrick Suskind’s Perfume with the dark and timeless obsessions of Rider Haggard’s classic: She.

M.J. Rose has once again again dipped deep into the flask of history and brought those rich aromas of the past back to life through the eyes of Jac L’Etoile, a woman who has mastered the scent of conflict, passion and danger.”

A Most Beautiful Deception

by Michael Ennis

“Michael Ennis bring the renaissance alive in this tour-de-force: A Most Beautiful Deception dishes out a simmering stew, thick with chicanery, bloodshed, dastardly deeds, code-breaking, puzzle-solving, and a cast of characters that includes Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli, Francesco Guicciardini, Cesare Borgia – and Damiata, the real-life courtesan whose brassiness, brains, and beauty even dazzle her employer and nemesis: the Pope.”

Strindberg’s Star

by Jan Wallentin

“In this breathtaking debut novel, lavish with historic detail and colorful panorama, Jan Wallentin brilliantly evokes the mysterious, underwater, middle-earth worlds of Jules Verne, interwoven with the pulse-pounding, countdown techno-thrillers of James Bond. Strindberg’s Star is a tale of eternal evil – with two diabolical “fathers,” more deeply disturbed than Darth Vader, pulling the hidden strings.”

The Hour of Peril

by Daniel Stashower

“Daniel Stashower’s tour-de-force of detective investigation more than lives up to the magnificent sleuthing of the story’s key protagonists: Allan Pinkerton, the man who coined the concept ‘Private Eye,’ and his charismatic sidekick, the first female private investigator, Kate Warne. The riveting story of how these two foiled the first Lincoln assassins – changing the course of US history – proves once again that great journalism is better than any fiction.”

Scorpion Betrayal

by Andrew Kaplan

“Wow! Scorpion Betrayal by Andrew Kaplan, with two brilliantly unique protagonists, delivers more heart-thumping twists and turns, beliefs and betrayals, than The Day of the Jackal and The Spy Who Came in from the Cold rolled into one.

Scorpion Betrayal breaks the mold: This penetrating and fascinating look into the dark underbelly of those tightly- interwoven worlds – global terrorism and international espionage – is almost a textbook example of how to deliver a great Thriller for today’s audience.”

The Rook

by Daniel O’Malley

Harry Potter meets Ghostbusters meets War of the WorldsThe Rook –  a scintillating supernatural swashbuckler, replete with spores, slime, and unrelenting suspense – and with three intrepid heroines (two of them sharing the same body!) – Daniel O’Malley’s debut is refreshingly unique in the realm of fiction.”

The Crown

by Nancy Bilyeau

The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau is an amazing first novel, filled with excitement, intrigue, espionage, and set against the background of one of the bloodiest periods of British history; the schism between Church and State. The action-packed tale of one nun’s dangerous quest to discover the secrets of an ancient relic that dates back to the time of Christ.”

The Traitor’s Emblem

by Juan Gómez-Jurado

The Traitor’s Emblem by Juan Gomez-Jurado is a spellbinding story. Only he could pull this off!”

The Lost Angel

by Javier Sierra

“In The Lost Angel, Javier Sierra takes us on a riveting quest through 5000 years of humanity’s rich esoteric history, peeling away those fascinating onionskin layers of our own hidden past. As the intrepid Julia Alvarez hurtles headlong across a continent to save her husband, she discovers the dark forces that imminently will be unleashed — when the lost wisdom of the ancients smashes, as in a particle accelerator, against those dangerous powers already held in the hands of modern science.”

Gramercy Park

by Paula Cohen

Gramercy Park has everything we need in a book: cliffhangers, plot twists and surprises galore”

The Moses Expedition

by Juan Gómez-Jurado

“Nazis, Israelis, archaeologists, terrorists, a reclusive billionaire, a mysterious Vatican priest, hidden treasures, secret maps, the Lost Ark, the Dead Sea Scrolls… A heart-pounding thriller, jam-packed with two thousand years of  Middle Eastern intrigue.”

Heresy: An Historical Thriller

by S.J. Parris

“The famous scientist Giordano Bruno erupts with volcanic force from the pages of S.J. Parris’ spellbinding debut novel, Heresy.  Blending the philosophical sleuthing skill of Brother Cadfael with the magic sorcery of Voldemort, Bruno cracks the secret code, unraveling a church conspiracy as deep and dark as that in a Dan Brown novel.”

The Historian

by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian is the first Dracula novel to focus on the bloodlines of Vlad Dracula’s descendants, not just the bloody trail the vampire left behind. Elizabeth Kostova’s stunning debut gives us a multi-layered insider’s look at five hundred years of Eastern European history.”

The Third Secret

by Steve Berry

“Controversial, shocking, explosive… rich in a wealth of Vatican insider knowledge and two thousand years of Virgin Mary visitations. The Third Secret will change our view of the relationship between religion and wisdom.”

The Whiskey Rebels

by David Liss

“A breathtaking, breakneck tale told from the interwoven viewpoints of a top revolutionary spy and a brilliant and cunning woman who becomes both his ally and his nemesis.”

The Host

by Stephenie Meyer

“A fascinating, passionate and unique psychological thriller. In The Host, Stephenie Meyer gives us an entirely new and unexpected view of what it means to ‘be of two minds’.”

The Last Secret of the Temple

by Paul Sussman

The Last Secret of the Temple is a brilliant detective novel, hidden within a medieval saga, tucked inside of an archaeological mystery, surrounded by a modern-day Middle-East terrorist thriller. Paul Sussman has managed the impossible: a multi-layered quest—where all of the characters are real and alive, and we should expect the completely unexpected.”


by Gayle Lynds

“With a gripping insider view, nonstop pacing, and a cliffhanger ending, Mesmerized should definitely make your heart skip a beat”

The Lady in Blue

by Javier Sierra

The Lady in Blue is the haunting and evocative tale of the triumph of modern spirit and science over a 400-year-old conspiracy. Javier Sierra’s groundbreaking historical research opens our eyes to a world we thought we knew, and revisits, in a surprising way, the devastating clash between Catholic Europe and the far more ancient world of the American Southwest.”

Bright Dark Madonna

by Elizabeth Cunningham

“Elizabeth Cunningham has again delved into her fabulous treasure trove of impeccable research, and come up with gold. In Bright Dark Madonna, her interweaving of Biblical-Celtic themes brings the First Century to life with unexpected freshness and many surprises.”


by Ronan Bennett

“Ronan Bennett’s Zugzwang is a breathtaking, cliffhanging, breakneck race through the worlds of Russian chess, Bolshevik terrorism and international espionage. Surely the most thrilling chess thriller ever written.”

The Keepsake

by Tess Gerristen

(Excerpted from Writers Are Readers review)

“Any thriller that begins with an Egyptian archaeological dig, where ancient evil is stirred up along with the dust, is guaranteed to get my instant attention. But when you add fascinating historic mysteries, a breakneck modern plot, and not one, but two, generations of fatally attractive heroines who are hunted by a very real serial killer–you’ve got a page-turner that’s sure to be a smash.”

The Book of Q

by Jonathan Rabb

“In The Book of Q, Jonathan Rabb leads us through a spellbinding and beautifully-crafted maze of puzzles, secret documents, ancient mysteries, hidden agendas, and timeless conspiracies.”

The Chrysalis

by Heather Terrell

“Flemish art, Nazi skullduggery, and American money—In The Chrysalis, Heather Terrell follows the path of a famous painting through an important period of history that must not be forgotten, and interweaves the stories of three centuries into a dark cocoon of intrigue and suspense.”


by Robert Liparulo

“What if Mad Max, Rambo, and the Wild Bunch showed up—all packing Star Wars-like weapons; You’d have Robert Liparulo’s thrilling new adventure novel, Deadfall. Robert Liparulo reminds us that small town life is still the scariest, and man’s inhumanity to man is still the most dangerous game.”

The Big Steal

by Emyl Jenkins

“Miss Marple wears Prada! In The Big Steal, Emyl Jenkins again unleashes the scintillating skills of Sterling Glass, the sexiest, savviest senior ever to sleuth her way through the intricate labyrinth of the antiques world. And when Sterling opens a musty attic trunk, romance spiced with a little mayhem is about to blossom.”


by Matt Richtel

“Wow. Hooked is a wild roller-coaster ride through the hidden world where digital and biological cultures meet and clash. The scariest thing about Matt Richtel’s astonishing first novel is that it is all possible, it is all probable–and it is all probably happening to us right now.”

Lip Service

by M.J. Rose

“M.J. Rose blends the dark eroticism of Anais Nin with the lusty cravings of Erica Jong.”

Secret of The Seventh Son

by Glenn Cooper

“Glenn Cooper’s Secret of the Seventh Son is a gripping revisit of the ancient battle between Free Will and Predestination: a dangerous secret, sought across three simultaneous time zones: Britain’s early Christian era, Churchill’s post-war Iron Curtain, and today’s “Area 51”–a mysterious unmarked spot in the remote Nevada desert. The hidden secret behind the Secret raises the unsettling spectre that what we imagine is freedom might be part of an all-encompassing–and terrifying–Plan.”

Worst Nightmares

by Shane Briant

“Shane Briant combines the psychological suspense of Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs, the creeping horror of Stephen King’s Misery, and the eerie, inescapable fatality of The Eyes of Laura Mars.”


by Anne Fortier

“Anne Fortier delivers a rollicking quest through the dark alleyways and shimmering hill towns that once inspired Shakespeare’s great love story. This book has everything: Juliet and Romeo; the Italian nobility and the mafia underworld; swashbuckling heroes and spunky heroines; secret documents and hidden treasures; passionate loves and violent vendettas that span the centuries. Juliet is a thrilling debut novel, completely saturated in fascinating history”

The Radix

by Brett King

“Brett King has spun a hair-raising adventure that propels us from the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado to the secret turrets, hovering high above Paris, of the ancient Notre Dame cathedral.

The Radix is a relentless, plot-twisting, labyrinthine quest to decipher the medieval mystery of the ‘Voynich Manuscript’ -a very real tome that still conceals an arcane code that no secret service agency – including the CIA and KGB – has been able to crack in the past five-hundred-years.”


Turning the Solomon Key: George Washington, the Bright Morning Star and the Secrets of Masonic Astrology

by Robert Lomas 

In 2005, the top-selling Freemason author in history, Robert Lomas, asked me to write the foreword to his new book Turning the Solomon Key: George Washington, the Bright Morning Star and the Secrets of Masonic Astrology. Of course, I was delighted.

In my foreword, I reveal how I became the first female ever invited for a secret night visit to the oldest extant Masonic Lodge in existence!