Reviews of "A Calculated Risk"

New York Times Notable Book


“Never a dull moment, and Ms Neville makes it all the more plausible because of her intimate knowledge of how international banking works. She plots well and takes the reader through the intrigues and backbiting of immense corporations…[A Calculated Risk] churns up wave after wave of excitement.”

The New York Times


“A splendid first rate work of fiction that is bound to thrill everyone’s imagination. This is a calculating page turner which carries the idea of the dare and the gamble to ever new lengths. First with The Eight and now with A Calculated Risk Katherine Neville has carried the art of fiction to ever new heights.”

The New England Review of Books


“Intriguing and well-written…a high-tech, high-stakes, socially responsible banking novel…a lot of fun.”

The Washington Post


“The author keeps her plot twisting and turning and manages to build up a fine degree of tension… After reading her novel, I’m thinking seriously of closing my bank accounts and putting my money in my mattress.”

Los Angeles Times


“Neville has some mighty nasty things to say about the money game… do you doubt her?”

The Philadelphia Enquirer


“Katherine Neville is likely to make you cast a jaundiced eye over the entire banking community… What’s likely to make you nervous about this is how plausible it all seems.”

The Seattle Times


“A lean, taut thriller… when you’re dealing with bankers, you need to recognize the possibility that someone in the building might be a bigger crook than you are–and that they’re playing for keeps.”

San Jose Mercury News


“A dizzying, enjoyable caper…After reading this hard-to-put down thriller, you may put all your money in your mattress.”

Los Angeles Daily News


“… banking emerges from its subdued pinstripes. A Calculated Risk moves swiftly and satisfyingly while exuding plausibility.”

New York Reporter Dispatch


“Linking a volatile female bank executive with computer expertise to an iconoclastic genius angry with financial institutions, this novel romps into stealth and excitement… Clever, sardonic and somewhat unnerving to anyone with a bank account, this combines financial wizardry, suspense, and a little romance.”

Tribune Daily News


A Calculated Risk… set in the complex world of banking and fraud, hooks within minutes…A first-rate page-turner, written with real intelligence.”

Good Book Guide, UK


“… a highly convincing insider’s view of international banking.”

Publishing News, UK


“Clever thriller.”

Manchester Evening News, UK


“… a thrilling and entertaining tale of high-finance games, romance and deceit… This gripping novel is full of action, emotion and intrigue and will have readers captivated.”

Gisborne Herald, New Zealand


“… humor, plus the delectable back-stabbing that is the hallmark of corporate ladder climbers, makes A Calculated Risk a no-fail winner.”

Newport News Daily Press


“When Neville conceived A Calculated Risk… the scams portrayed in the book were figments of her imagination. They turned out to be prophetic.”

The Roanoke Times


“Anyone who’s ever wanted to get back at an employer should read should read Katherine Neville’s A Calculated Risk… Neville makes the world of banking and auditing so exciting… This is an unusual subject for a mystery, and she handles it well.”

Kansas City Star


“…a gripping tale of financial shenanigans and romance.”

What’s New (Beyond Bestsellers)


A Calculated Risk is an enthralling read that can be enjoyed at a number of different levels, depending on the depth of the dive. The story is told with a verve and a panache that will captivate and hold the reader until the last page is turned…The Eight was a tough act to follow, but this author has again demonstrated her intriguing ability to apply chess moves to plotting and produce a fascinating work in a new arena she obviously knows well.”

Gothic Journal


“Katherine Neville has combined all the elements for an unputdownable read: financial maneuvering, a passionate and almost obsessive love affair, the meeting of two equals on what is usually a masculine turf–all played out against a backdrop of San Francisco, New York and a gorgeous Greek island.”

—The Costco Connection