Synopsis of "The Magic Circle"

Beginning in 32 AD, during the last week in the life of Jesus, events are taking place all over the world, in anticipation of the “countdown” to the beginning of a new Aeon — the turning point of a 2000-year astronomical cycle: What kind of trouble is Pontius Pilate threatened with in Judea? What are the Roman emperors worried about, on the Isle of Capri? What are the Druids up to in Celtic Brigantium?

Then — in 1989, at the threshold of another new Aeon — nuclear expert Ariel Behn suddenly learns that her favorite cousin, Sam, an encryption expert, has been assassinated, leaving her heir to a cache of ancient manuscripts dating to before the time of Jesus. These documents contain the key to secrets that tyrants have sought for two millennia, secrets that will alter the future of the world.


Jerusalem, A.D. 32 – During the last week in the life of Christ, as the world stands on the brink of a new two-thousand-year cycle, Emperor Tiberius works desperately to decipher the tantalizing clues to an age-old enigma. He will not be the only one. For whoever assembles, and interprets these cryptic clues will possess the power to control the fate of the world….

United States, 1989 – Now, at the center of this circle of ancient riddles stands the one woman who can pull the strands together: Ariel Behn. What strange powers lie hidden with the manuscripts? As Ariel races across continents to reveal the dark secrets buried in her family’s past, she begins to unlock the chilling truth of the coming millennium.