Ludovico’s Santiago Pilgrimage

Last winter, my young millennial assistant Ludovico Orsini told me that he aspired to gain speedy fluency in the French language, so he could apply for a special graduate program in France. I suggested that he spend a highly-intensive period in a part of France where no one spoke English (or where people didn’t know that he spoke English.) 

Ludovico decided, starting in Paris, to spend 3 months and walk the main French Way of the Camino de Santiago (de St Jacques in France), about 1500 km (900+ miles) from Paris to Compostela. Just before Vico was to depart, I happened to be in Brittany myself, so I brought him back a map of all the greenway and bicycle routes throughout France, and a tiny hip-pocket book of albergues, paradors and hostels along the routes.

Ludovico is now en route, and will be posting us updates from the field…

Week One

The Game is Afoot!

Week Two

My young assistant, Ludovico Orsini, will shortly be crossing the Central Massif of France on the Route de Saint Jacques (Way of Santiago.) Here are some beautiful pictures of the landscape. No wonder people have been traversing this route for more than a thousand years!

Week Three

My assistant Ludovico is now three weeks into his journey along the Chemin de Saint Jacques, from Paris to Santiago de Compostella at La Coruña, Spain – a distance of 666 miles! Here are some more views of lovely villages and scenery along his route from Conques to Vers, France.

Week Four

Ludovico on the Chemin arrives at Cahors, France.

Week Five

Continuing through France, Ludovico nears the Pyrenees.

Week Six

Montreal near Condom: “Fog, trees everywhere, European fan palms and so many cherry trees! It’s beautiful!” –Ludovico

Week Seven

Ludovico in the Pyrenees: St Jean Pied-de-Port

Week Eight

Ludovico crossing the mountains into Spain.

Week Nine

Ludovico continues his travels along el Camino de Santiago, through the mountains of Spain.

Week Ten

Ludovico arrives in Santiago!

St. John’s Eve

My assistant Ludovico crossed France and Spain in 2 months, and arrived in Santiago de Compostela by St John’s Eve — just in time to celebrate, to leap over bonfires, and to eat great seafood with pilgrims and locals!