Horus the Hawk

The Burial of Horus the Hawk

In April of 2020, my assistant Ludovico Orsini and I buried Horus with with rose, sage, Palo Santo wood from Ecuador, and Tibetan prayer flags in a “traditional Tibetan hawk burial.” 😉 (I am joking, of course.)

The Death of Horus the Hawk

Harry the Hawk grew up on my deck … we’ve captured numerous photos and videos of him flying through the Japanese garden. Harry often moves too fast to be photographed clearly. (See gallery of photos and videos below.)

One month ago, early in the morning of November 20th, one of Harry’s children, a beautiful juvenile hawk, smashed into a high window and tragically died: his parents are in mourning, but I was able to capture some beautiful photos of him. We are calling him Horus, due to the position in which he landed.

Horus the Hawk

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Young Horus, at less than one year old, already has a wing span of two feet. If anyone can identify what kind of hawk he is, please let me know in the comments below! 

Update: We believe Horus is a juvenile Goshawk. 

Hawks at the Japanese House



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Hawk on the railing near Katherine’s writing desk


Hawk on the railing


Hawk taking off

And many thanks to my friend Jody, for introducing me to the meaning of the spirit animal who was born in the Japanese Garden:

See more about Hawk Symbolism from whatismyspiritanimal.com