My Adventures

On Russia, Women, Mothers, Goddesses

On Russia, Central Asia, the East Not long before my final Russian research trip, the Treasures of Schliemann’s Troy had been found in boxes in a basement in Moscow and were on public display, at the Pushkin, for the first time since their disappearance from Berlin in WWII. To me, the most interesting were not the famous, fabulous gold tiaras and necklaces worn by Schliemann’s wife in photos–but the
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D.C. Mysteriosa

(Washington: Mysterious District of Columbia) For the Spanish launch of El Fuego (The Fire) the noted Spanish magazine El Mundo wanted to do a feature interview with me at home in Washington, DC, where many of the modern scenes of the book take place. For this interview, they flew over photographer Chema Conesa, with the famous author Javier Sierra (The Secret Supper, The Lady in Blue) who would write the actual inte
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The Sufis of Turkey

December 2000 marked an important historic event in Sufi annals: the first Mevlana Symposium was held in Turkey, to commemorate the 727th anniversary of the death of the great poet and mystic, Jalal al-Din Rumi (known throughout Turkey as Mevlana, not as Rumi), the founder of the Mevlevi Order (The Whirling Dervishes). The congress took place at Ankara and Konya from December 15-17, 2000. Of only seven ordained sheik
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The Horse Of Carthage

Some say that the name Carthage was the punic word for New City, which would seem an apt title, as it was the new city founded by queen Dido of Phoenician Tyre. However, Robert Graves tells us there was once an incarnation of the universal and ancient Great Goddess, whose name was also Car, and who may have pre-dated other goddesses around the Mediterranean. There is evidence that the new city may, indeed, have been
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