The Maltese Artist

The noted Maltese artist Joseph Barbara was commissioned by a British client, more than 30 years ago, to create a painting inspired by themes from The Eight. Subsequently he has created other works portraying my books, which are great fun and highly symbolic.  Recently, during Carnivale, I visited Malta while doing research for my new […]

The Pardon at St Anne la Palud

I was invited to attend the Pardon at St. Anne la Palud in France where St. Anne, the Virgin Mary’s mother, is patron saint of Brittany. Gauguin joined many famous Breton artists in painting this beautiful tribute. At St. Anne la Palud this year a visiting bishop of Notre Dame in Paris joins the thousands […]

Venice in the Snow

Katherine was in Venice during the massive, unseasonal blizzard that swept through Europe and took these gorgeous photos of the city draped in a blanket of snow.

Menhirs and Dolmens of Brittany

After my arrival at le Chateau in Brittany, France… I soon found these fantastic menhirs, nearby to the Chateau, in Carnac. (Menhir – from the Brittonic languages – ‘maen’ or ‘men’ meaning stone and ‘hir’ or ‘hîr’ meaning long) And then journeyed to Lagatyar, north of Carnac, for even ‘longer’ stones and a small dolmen. […]

How I Became a Basque Celtic Sorceress

How I Became a Basque Celtic Sorceress: Protectress of the Sacred Forest of Oma, Spain I was attending a private retreat at a Basque farm, following a conference of the World Congress of Music Therapy in Vittoria-Gasteiz, in northern Spain. The scientists at our retreat  were sitting outside on the farmhouse porch, giving talks on […]

The Caves of Cappadocia and Mural of St. George

Over the years, I was invited to Turkey many times, to lecture and to visit with the Sufis in Konya. On one trip, in the dead of winter, I hired a driver and went to Cappadocia. There are many caves that were hollowed out of the soft pumice, and provided the residences of early Christians, […]

My Visit to Mont St Michel & Chartres

Mont St Michel & Chartres Mont St. Michel One of the questions on the Graduate Record Exam before I got into grad school was: “The author of Mont Saint Michel & Chartres was also the author of what other book?” Answer: The Education of Henry Adams! Having read Henry Adams’ autobiography (written modestly in third […]

French Book Tour and Palm Sunday Mass at Notre Dame

Cathedral of Notre Dame (Photo: Katherine Neville) I went to Paris for my French book tour, and over that weekend, I tried to go to Notre Dame on my birthday. But instead, I ended up going to a wonderful restaurant on the Left Bank and some art supply stores. The next day happened to be […]

D.C. Mysteriosa

(Washington: Mysterious District of Columbia) For the Spanish launch of El Fuego (The Fire) the noted Spanish magazine El Mundo wanted to do a feature interview with me at home in Washington, DC, where many of the modern scenes of the book take place. For this interview, they flew over photographer Chema Conesa, with the […]

The Sufis of Turkey

December 2000 marked an important historic event in Sufi annals: the first Mevlana Symposium was held in Turkey, to commemorate the 727th anniversary of the death of the great poet and mystic, Jalal al-Din Rumi (known throughout Turkey as Mevlana, not as Rumi), the founder of the Mevlevi Order (The Whirling Dervishes). The congress took […]

The Horse Of Carthage

Some say that the name Carthage was the punic word for New City, which would seem an apt title, as it was the new city founded by queen Dido of Phoenician Tyre. However, Robert Graves tells us there was once an incarnation of the universal and ancient Great Goddess, whose name was also Car, and […]

Mount Ida Part One: Visiting Troy

A big chunk of the research for The Magic Circle is related to what today is modern Turkey, a land where, in ancient times, so many major literary and historical events took place. Katherine beneath the ‘new’ Trojan Horse: Troy, Turkey Turkey was the home of King Gordius, whose Gordian knot was later cut by […]

Adventures in Spain

The personal love affair between Spain and my books began in 1990, through a series of strange circumstances. I had just returned from a six month research project in Germany, and settled in the small town of Radford, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where Karl Pribram and I had recently moved our household […]

My Secret Spain

This essay was published in Troika Magazine, Fall 1998. My Secret Spain by Katherine Neville My first exposure to Spain took place in the early 1970’s, when I was living in North Africa as a consultant to the Algerian government. This period would later provide fodder for my first book, The Eight, an epic story […]