KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Autumn Adventure in Art Newsletter Sept 21, 2017

Autumn Adventure in Art Newsletter
September 21, 2017

Happy Autumn Equinox

Happy New Moon of Autumn! On the equinox (the time each year when day and night are equal) we’d better get stocked up for the winter — which already proves, this year, to be a long one, ushered in by hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves of change.

As described in my book, The Magic Circle: Mother Nature fires the first shots over the bow in our major transition to a new cosmic cycle. This flux, as predicted since ancient times, is soon to be followed by upheavals in the fabric of the world socio-economic order. Those who will survive and prevail in this roller-coaster ride are those (like my heroine Ariel Behn) who can out-ski an avalanche! Or at least those who can be flexible enough to “hang ten” on the Surfboard of Life.

Bringing us back into the world of storytelling: some of the oldest stories ever told were those painted on the cave walls of Alta Mira in Spain, Lascaux in France and the Tassili in the Sahara. In those times, art and literature were one…

 Art and Literature at the Equinox

Lights, camera, action! Or in this case: Brushes, palette, easel!

In honor of our entry right now into this New Age, I’ve created a new award for writing about art: Art & Literature.

And in tribute to my new book about painters, I’m starting a tribute to art and artists on my website. My next newsletter will have little-known insights into some fascinating things about the story of creativity/creation.

My palette and Equinox painting

Happy Equinox to All!

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