KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Epiphany Newsletter January 6, 2013


Epiphany Newsletter
January 6, 2013


Here it is again: my favorite day of the year, the twelfth day of Christmas – in western tradition, the day that three wise men from the East who’d ‘followed their star,’ came bringing gifts to El Niño Divino’ the divine child. (Today, not Christmas, is the day of gift-giving in Spain.) Shakespeare celebrated it in Twelfth Night, that date when the rubble of the old year is cleared away and all is set right for the new year. But epiphany itself – meaning the sudden manifestation of something like the sun (dawn) or of a spiritual presence (a god) is far older. A ritual dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt marked the night of the beginning of the return of Kore (Persephone) from the underworld, ending the darkness and rubble left by the old year – heralding the return of the sun from southern climes, and the approach of Spring. Kore Kosmou was the prototype ‘Virgin of the World,’ long before Mary, and in later Orphic tradition, her offspring Phanes (meaning “I bring the Light”) created Day, separating light from darkness. He preceded all the gods of Greek Olympus, and was the primeval deity of new generation.

So tonight, before the clock strikes twelve (wherever we may be) – let’s shred and shed and sweep away the old year, and plant the seeds for the new cycle that starts with Number 13!

The Form Within

“THE FORM WITHIN” – by Karl H Pribram, MD

Within every acorn, there is the prototype, the pattern, for a new oak tree. And within the double helix of our DNA we can see the pattern of the past and future of each of us.

Karl Pribram’s long awaited book, The Form Within, unfolds the fascinating story of the 200-year path of brain research (upon which he has been a pioneering pilgrim for seventy years!) – and he reveals the future steps he sees for the many future discoveries we may make along that route. Washington Academy of Sciences and Prospecta Press, January 2013.

Title: THE FORM WITHIN    Author: Karl H Pribram    ISBN: 9781935212805

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