KATHERINE NEVILLE’S “Moving On” Newsletter December 9, 2015

“Moving On” Newsletter
December 9, 2015

This photo of me was taken just after my return from Algiers (with a great tan and a weird illness!) I’ve put it here, because another great “moving event” has just occurred in my life…

I Have Moved!

As most of you know from reading my books, I’ve spent most of my adult life working all over the planet, and moving, on average, every year-and-a-half — living in 26 states of the US and six countries on three continents! My favorite song lyric was “Anyplace I hang my hat is home.” My favorite song was “On the Road Again.” Yes, I owned or rented houses hither and thither (a tree house in Sausalito, townhouses in Santa Fe and Jackson Hole.) But nearly always, my permanent address is simply a PO Box.

Over these past few years, while I’ve been pretty much immobilized in Virginia and Washington DC, the books and furnishings and memorabilia and dust have accumulated. Then suddenly, just this past Hallowe’en, a lovely young couple arrived with adorable children, and asked if they could buy my house! Mais Oui! I agreed.

On the Road Again!


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2. As many of you have requested over the years, throughout 2016 I’m releasing a number of illustrated newsletters, with links to articles, about the places I’ve lived and written my books. Here is a sample: a picture of the Kabyle mountain fortress of El Marad, from THE EIGHT!

Photo: Katherine Neville

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