KATHERINE NEVILLE’s September 11 Newsletter September 11, 2013

September 11 Newsletter
September 11, 2013

The Battle of Spirit & Matter

This morning marks the 12th anniversary of the airplanes that changed our perception of the role we play in the world. My first thought when I realized that the plumes of smoke had attacked the very heart of the financial district, was that these were individuals who were so focused upon the spiritual, who so loathed the world of matter that they wanted not only to depart the material world, but to demolish it, as they were leaving. This is called the “Battle between Spirit and Matter.”

The Marriage of Spirit & Matter

In transformational processes, the secret is not to demolish either the spiritual or the material side: if we want to change something in a significant and lasting way, we must combine these two parts, which is accomplished by penetrating the other and working from within. This is called the “Marriage of Spirit and Matter.” (The word Yoga means yoke or yolk.)

Examples: If I believe I am highly spiritual, I don’t try to demolish my local bank or defense contractor to make my point; instead, I get a job in a bank or a munitions company and show them how ethics pays off better in the long run than short term opportunism. If my stressful job in the financial markets makes me overweight, depressed, with hypertension, I get a job in my local church or mosque or charity and show them that being grounded, understanding how to earn and manage your money is just as important as praying for it. In the free world, we’re all at liberty to make these choices.In this image (from twelve years ago, this morning) the only woman we can see still standing, and holding her torch aloft, is Liberty. Lets all follow her example.

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