KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Winter Solstice Newsletter December 20-21, 2009

Winter Solstice Newsletter
December 20-21, 2009

Here Comes The Sun!

Winter Solstice (December 20-21) from Latin sol-stetit, “sun stands still,” when we celebrate the shortest day, that time each year when the sun appears to stand still in the sky, and then to “turn around and head back,” providing us longer and longer days. Solstice is one of the oldest holy days in history; its traditions can be found around the world, even today, recorded in stone monuments and carvings. The return of the sun is still summoned with fire and light. In keeping with this glorious tradition, I am turning around and heading West with my book–aptly named THE FIRE–to return to the early roots of my writings!

Katherine’s Kiva in Santa Fe, NM

Follow The Sun

Christmas in Santa Fe: The first six days of Solstice traditionally end with the Birth of the Solar King on December 25. In Delphi, it was Apollo, in Persia, Ahura Mazda. I am returning to visit my house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the holy week is celebrated by the Lumineria, the festival of lights, for the birth of the baby Jesus. Over these same 2000 years, the Hopi and Zuni tribes and their ancestors the Anasazi (“The Ancient Ones” according to the Navajo) have painted and carved and danced the story of the Sun’s return in the mountains and canyons of New Mexico. Here is a picture of my Kiva fireplace in Santa Fe, which I painted with the most ancient of Anasazi stories: The Water-Jar Boy.

New Year’s in Sausalito: I wrote my first two novels while living in a tree house in Sausalito, California, surrounded by sacred Acacia trees, the “Golden Bough,” and with enormous eucalyptus trees growing through the decks. The present owners of the property have kindly rented the tree house to me for the year. Pictures of the tree house “then and now”, and its fascinating story, will appear on my web site January, 2010.

Twelfth Night!

The Gifts of Ephiphany: A NEW KATHERINENEVILLE.COM will arrive in January!!!

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