KATHERINE NEVILLE’S On Pike’s Peak Lammas Newsletter Aug 8, 2014

Katherine Neville on Pikes Peak

On Pike’s Peak Lammas Newsletter
August 8, 2014

This photo of me was taken on a Lammas Night, many years ago, on Pike’s Peak in Colorado, just after my return from living in North Africa. (Described in my book, The Eight.)

Lammas or Lugnassadh

Lammas is the Eighth station of the year in the ancient Celtic calendar: the day when first fruits of apples, corn and grain are brought in. Some say it means “loaf-mass” for first bread baking, or the festival of the god Lugh, a solar deity. Traditionally, it has been celebrated on August 1, but as seasons have shifted over time, today, August 8, is the midpoint of the festival. Lammas has always been regarded in Celtic lore as a time of great power. Just one example:

On August 8, 1588, England’s Queen Elizabeth I gave her immortal speech at Tilbury, after her fleet’s great, but indecisive, Lammas battle against the Spanish Armada in the Channel: “Let tyrants fear…we shall shortly have a famous victory over those enemies of my God, of my kingdom, and of my people.”

Following this speech, it is said that Elizabeth’s court astrologer, the legendary alchemist Dr John Dee (upon whom the character of Prospero was based in Shakespeare’s  The Tempest) went down to the Cornwall with a group of esoteric masters, and invoked the gigantic storm that destroyed the greater part of the Spanish fleet. See my earlier newsletter on John Dee.

So tonight, August 8, (at 8:08 pm?) let’s cast our positive energies out across our own channel, like seeds of glittering light, to disperse negative forces and sink them beneath the waves…

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