THE FIRE Book Tour through Spain

The Fire was greeted spectacularly in Spain. Below is a great video that follows the book tour’s progress through Spain, and a few selections from the many photographs taken during the tour. “El Fuego” Book Tour in Spain Click on the video to watch (3:24 minutes)   One of the fabulous window displays and floor displays […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Twelfth Night Epiphany Newsletter Jan 6, 2017

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Twelfth Night – Epiphany Newsletter January 6, 2017   Twelfth Night Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas, is one of my favorite holidays: traditionally, the night when the three Magi, bearing gifts from afar, following a star, came to visit a baby born in a manger. But the Magi were not the first powerful […]

French Book Tour and Palm Sunday Mass at Notre Dame

Cathedral of Notre Dame (Photo: Katherine Neville) I went to Paris for my French book tour, and over that weekend, I tried to go to Notre Dame on my birthday. But instead, I ended up going to a wonderful restaurant on the Left Bank and some art supply stores. The next day happened to be […]