Horus the Hawk

The Burial of Horus the Hawk In April of 2020, my assistant Ludovico Orsini and I buried Horus with with rose, sage, Palo Santo wood from Ecuador, and Tibetan prayer flags in a “traditional Tibetan hawk burial.” 😉 (I am joking, of course.) The Death of Horus the Hawk Harry the Hawk grew up on my deck … […]

Journey to Chogetsu

Part II of The Monticello Connection Fay’s “other house” was quite a bit different from mine: hers was famous. I’d already read about it, in Architectural Digest. It was called Chogetsu. (Moon Tide.) Architectural Digest (May 1985) “Hewn by Hand” In the 1980s, Mr Hara had been commissioned to build a Japanese complex on seven acres […]

The Garden

When I write a piece of music I note on the score the kind of emotion I have in mind. A garden should be calm and still, but at the same time it should be a strong calm. So I say: ‘Ecstatic’. One might think you can’t combine the two – calm and ecstasy. But […]