Ludovico’s Santiago Pilgrimage

Last winter, my young millennial assistant Ludovico Orsini told me that he aspired to gain speedy fluency in the French language, so he could apply for a special graduate program in France. I suggested that he spend a highly-intensive period in a part of France where no one spoke English (or where people didn’t know […]

Ludovico’s Nepalese Pilgrimage

My assistant, Ludovico, just completed another fabulous adventure. This time he journeyed through Nepal and decided to hike to Everest’s Base Camp. Below are some photos he took along the way and a description of his experiences. Ludovico’s Pilgrimage II: Nepal  After crossing Southeast Asia I found myself in Kathmandu, Nepal sans plan. I spent […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Hazel Month Newsletter August 4, 2017

KATHERINE NEVILLE’SHazel Month NewsletterAugust 4, 2017 Lammas Night In ancient times, Celtic months were named for trees. Today, August 4, is the last day of Tinne, the Celtic Holly month. Tomorrow, Coll, the month of the Hazel tree begins, kicked off each year on August 1 by Lammas,  the Eighth and last Celtic fire festival […]