KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Cherry Blossom & Chess Newsletter March 22, 2021

KATHERINE NEVILLE’SCherry Blossom & Chess NewsletterMarch 22, 2021 The Cherry Trees of Montglane The opening scene in The Eight is set in a cherry orchard, just at this time of year: around Spring Equinox, when the buds here turn from red to pink as they open. These past two years, I’ve written Cherry Blossom newsletters: March 2019 and March 2020 about […]

Katherine Neville’s Cherry Tree

Katherine wrote about her Cherry tree in her recent “Cherry Blossom & Chess Newsletter.” Here is the film she made of her 50-year-old Japanese cherry tree, planted by the famous Japanese potter, Teruo Hara:

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Sacred Fire Newsletter February 16-17, 2021

KATHERINE NEVILLE’SSacred Fire NewsletterFebruary 16-17, 2021 Meat on Mars’ Day Carnival (Fat Tuesday or “Tiw’s” Day, a Norse god–or in French, Mardi Gras = Mars Day) is the last day, as the name “Carnival” suggests, to eat carne: meat! After that, we have forty days of Lent–‘quarante‘ in French–from which we also get the word ‘quarantine‘–to be isolated for forty days during a […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S 12 Days of Christmas Newsletter Dec 30, 2020

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S12 Days of Christmas NewsletterDecember 30, 2020 Solstice Sun Stops: 21st December, 2020 In ancient times, in Greece and Rome, the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year) was celebrated as the “return of the sun,” the day each year when the solar god (Apollo) is “reborn.” This is the turning point when […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Queen’s Gambit Newsletter November 30, 2020

Grandmaster Susan Polgar, Black Queen, & me KATHERINE NEVILLE’SQueen’s Gambit NewsletterNovember 30, 2020 The Black Queen Here I am, with Chess Grandmaster and World Champion, Susan Polgar, at our book launch party for The Fire, (sequel to The Eight) held in Washington, DC! Grandmaster Polgar was one of our co-hosts for that event; she also found for […]

Washington Post Article

Back to The Real Queen’s Gambit Originally published on The Washington Post: Original Article Here Five Myths About Chess By Jennifer Shahade Jennifer Shahade is a chess champion, author, poker player and Women’s Program Director at U.S. Chess.November 20, 2020 at 8:54 a.m. EST Chess is having a moment. Chess is also having a decade. The game […]

Forward Magazine Article

Back to The Real Queen’s Gambit Article from Forward.com: Original Article Here The real ‘Queen’s Gambit’: Meet the first woman to qualify for the World Chess Championship PJ Grisar November 18, 2020 This article contains spoilers for “The Queen’s Gambit.” When it comes to the real queen of chess — not the orphaned, sedative-addicted, fashionista […]

The Real ‘Queen’s Gambit’

Grandmaster Susan Polgar Susan Polgar Click to enlarge Article from Forward.com: Original Article Here The Real ‘Queen’s Gambit’: Meet the First Woman to Qualify for the World Chess Championship PJ Grisar November 18, 2020 This article contains spoilers for “The Queen’s Gambit.” When it comes to the real queen of chess — not the orphaned, […]

ITW at BEA: Thriller

All 32 original founders of International Thriller Writers were invited to Book Expo America in Washington, DC to sign a limited number of the first edition of Thriller, edited by James Patterson. We all signed 500 copies for those waiting in line for their own first edition: first come, first serve! See more books Katherine […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S “Time Out” Newsletter October 30, 2020

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S“Time Out” Newsletter October 30, 2020 Three Days Out of Time As I mentioned long ago, in my 2009 Hallowe’en Newsletter: tomorrow–beginning at Sunset on October 31–we enter a period of Time that resembles pushing the “pause” button on a video or musical recording: “In the ancient Celtic calendar, so it is said, All […]

Scientists with Karl

Some of the photos that Karl Pribram collected on his “Wall of Scientists” of friends and colleagues from his many years of scientific research and study. At home with Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist who is considered one of the founders of modern ethology. He was co-awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology […]

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly “PW Interviews: Katherine Neville”December 23, 1988

Romantic Times

Romantic Times Magazine interview of Katherine Neville“The Story Behind a Cult Classic: The Eight“March 1999


Parabola advertisements of The Eight and The Firewith reviews from institutions and authors

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle interview of Katherine Neville“Computer Genius’ Unique Novel Hits Big”March 16, 1989

Suspense Magazine

Suspense Magazine interview of Katherine Neville“Katherine Neville Shares a Secret so Don’t Tell”April 2016 Download Suspense Magazine (April 2016) as a PDF

Rocky Mountain News

Rocky Mountain News book review of The Fire“Specialty bookshelf: reviews of thriller, mystery, horror and children’s titles”October 30, 2008

Richmond Times Dispatch

Richmond Times Dispatch book review of The Fire“Neville’s long awaited sequel is hot”December 7, 2008

Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel book review of The Fire“Cult classic author makes next move” November 2, 2008

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel book review of The Fire“Check and mate 20 years late, Neville delivers sequel”2008

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun Times book review of The Fire“Mystery Thriller Roundup”October 19, 2008

Smyth County News

Smyth County News book review of The Eight“The Eight is well-written international adventure”January 19, 1989

Hilton Head Island Packet

Hilton Head Island Packet book review of The Eight“The Eight is masterfully suspenseful” January 15, 1989

Utah Herald

Provo, Utah The Herald book review of The Eight“Chess and mythology combine with intrigue”Feb 1989

Constant Reader

Constant Reader book review of The Fire“A Thrilling Season”October 23, 2008

RT Clubhouse

RT Clubhouse book review of The Fire“The Eight Isn’t Enough: Katherine Neville Follows Up a Fan Favorite”October 2008


El Periodico de Extremadura “Lo unico que tienen en comun..’ Caraces 2009.jpeg

Konrad Lorenz

Back to Karl and Friends Gallery With Konrad Lorenz, and other colleagues, at Lorenz’ home. Konrad Lorenz was an Austrian zoologist and is considered the founder of modern ethology. In 1973 he won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with fellow animal behaviorists Karl von Frisch and Nikolaas Tinbergen.

Collected Short Reviews

Collection of brief reviews of Das Montglane-Spiel from Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Hamburger Abendblatt November 1990 Weizer Zeitung December 1990


General-Anzeiger Stadthagen Bucher die mir aufgefallen sind’Dec 1990

Bild am Sonntag

Bild am Sonntag book review of Das Montglane-Spiel‘Das Geheimnis der alten Schnachfiguren’ September 12, 1990


Westfälische Bielefelder Tageblatt book review of Das Montglane-Spiel“Lustvoller Schmoker”October 16, 1990


Züriberg Quartierzeitung (Switzerland) book review of Das Montglane Spiel“Buchtip der Woche: Schachspiel” December 1990


Buchreport interview of Katherine Neville“Die Buchbranche hat bei aller Rivalität doch mehr von einem Gentlemen-Geschäft” August 1990

La Dépêche

La Dépêche book review of Le HuitJuly 14, 2002


Marianne article “L’ete triomphal dupolar historiqu”July 2002

Le Pays

Le Pays book review of Le Huit“Pavés de plage”August 5, 2002