Parabola advertisements of The Eight and The Firewith reviews from institutions and authors

Rocky Mountain News

Rocky Mountain News book review of The Fire“Specialty bookshelf: reviews of thriller, mystery, horror and children’s titles”October 30, 2008

Richmond Times Dispatch

Richmond Times Dispatch book review of The Fire“Neville’s long awaited sequel is hot”December 7, 2008

Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel book review of The Fire“Cult classic author makes next move” November 2, 2008

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel book review of The Fire“Check and mate 20 years late, Neville delivers sequel”2008

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun Times book review of The Fire“Mystery Thriller Roundup”October 19, 2008

Smyth County News

Smyth County News book review of The Eight“The Eight is well-written international adventure”January 19, 1989

Hilton Head Island Packet

Hilton Head Island Packet book review of The Eight“The Eight is masterfully suspenseful” January 15, 1989

Utah Herald

Provo, Utah The Herald book review of The Eight“Chess and mythology combine with intrigue”Feb 1989

Constant Reader

Constant Reader book review of The Fire“A Thrilling Season”October 23, 2008

RT Clubhouse

RT Clubhouse book review of The Fire“The Eight Isn’t Enough: Katherine Neville Follows Up a Fan Favorite”October 2008

Inside Books

Inside Books book review of The Eight“From the Publisher”January 1989


Northeast Newspapers book review of The Eight“New novels explore historical themes”July 5, 1989

Orlando Sentinel

Orlando, FL Sentinel book review of The Eight‘Check out this chess tale’ January 15, 1989

Book Club

Book of the Month Club book review of The Eight

New Woman

New Woman Magazine book review of The EightApril, 1989

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews book review of The FireFall/Winter 2008

Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club book review of The Eight“If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you’ll love this history-twisting thriller: The Eight”2004

RT Book Reviews

RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times) book review of The Fire“Mystery Suspense Thriller reviews” October 2008

Publishers Weekly: Fire

Publishers Weekly starred book review of The FireOctober 2008 & Publishers Weekly “Galley Talk” book review of The FireSeptember 15, 2008 Publishers Weekly Book Review STARRED REVIEW   The Fire Katherine Neville, Author Ballantine $26 (451p) ISBN 978-0-345-50067-0 Fans of Neville’s debut, The Eight (1988), which long before there was a Da Vinci Code featured a complex historical setting, ciphers, […]

Quality Paperback Book Review

Quality Paperback Book Review book review of The Eight“Before The Da Vinci Code came this acclaimed, internationally bestselling cult classic… The Eight“November 2004

USA Today

USA Today book review of The Fire and The Eight“Finally Nevilles next move”2008

New York Times

New York Times book review of A Calculated Risk“Spies & Thrillers” Newgate CallendarSeptember 15, 1992

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times book review of The Eight “The Chess Match of History”March 12, 1989


Newsday book review of The Eight“A French Connection and Charlemagne’s Chess Set”Sunday, January 22, 1989

Washington Post

Washington Post Book World book review of The Eight“Mystery to the Eighth Power”January 1, 1989