SiriusXM: Author Cafe (55:30min)

Author Cafe (SiriusXM Book Channel) audio interview (55:30 min)“Interview with Katherine Neville, David Baldacci, and Daniel Stashower” SiriusXM Book Channel: Author Cafe Katherine Neville, David Baldacci, and Daniel Stashower David Baldacci, Daniel Stashower and Katherine were invited by the producers of SiriusXM’s Book Channel, Kim Alexander and Maggie Linton, to be their guest on the first […]

diyMFA: Writing the Epic Quest Novel (1hr 4:13min)

diyMFA audio interview with Katherine Neville (1 hr 4:13 min)“Writing the Epic Quest Novel”May 3, 2017 diyMFA Episode 145: Writing the Epic Quest Novel  Interview with Katherine Neville     Listen to the interview: MAY 03, 2017 by Gabriela Pereira    Hey there word nerds!   Today I’m pleased to have Katherine Neville on the show.Katherine’s […]

PBS-WLIW Author Imprint (23:09min)

Author Imprint (PBS-WLIW) video interview (23:09 min)“Panel: Steve Berry, Katherine Neville, and Jeffery Deaver”May 31, 2018 PBS-WLIW Author Imprint Steve Berry, Katherine Neville, and Jeffery Deaver My friends and colleagues, Steve Berry, Jeffery Deaver and I had fun being interviewed by Maddie Orton, as among the first authors in the inaugural year of New York’s PBS show […]

The Fire in Spain (3:24min)

Following the progress of Katherine Neville’s book tour through Spain for The Fire (El Fuego). Video (3:24 min)

Katherine Neville on her inspiration for The Eight (2:04min)

Open Road video of Katherine Neville discussing The Eight (2:04 min)“Katherine Neville, Author of The Eight“July 20, 2015 Katherine Neville, Author of The Eight Neville discusses what inspired her novel, The Eight. This video was filmed at the Chess Forum in Manhattan. Video (2:04 min)