KATHERINE NEVILLE’S ‘A Calculated Risk’ 25th … Newsletter Dec 1, 2017

Neville tries on the coat of many colors

A Calculated Risk 25th Anniversary Newsletter 
December 1, 2017

A Calculated Risk Turns 25!

November, 2017, marks the 25th anniversary of the hardback publication of A Calculated Risk

In celebration, starting this month, I’ll be giving away 25 autographed copies of the original first-edition paperback, with a beautiful cover that opens to a vault of gold bricks. We’ll be using my traditional method of tossing darts to select the 25 winners!

Sign up now for a chance to receive your free copy of the original paperback of Risk!

The Japanese House turns 52!  

As part of the restoration of the Japanese House, a team of professional potters is dismantling Teruo Hara’s historic, hand-built kilns, which will be reassembled at a pre-designed location in Maryland for continued use. We are documenting the complete deconstruction/reconstruction process, and will have celebrations at various landmarks along the way.

Teruo Hara was a famous potter serving at the Corcoran School (now part of George Washington University) in Washington, DC. In the 1960s-1980s, the Japanese House had served as his pottery and kilns. I have a sizable collection of Mr Hara’s pottery, donated by many, during the (still-ongoing) restoration of the house. For more info about the influence of Japanese culture upon Western art and architecture, please see my latest Japanese ruminations.

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