SiriusXM: Author Cafe (55:30min)

Author Cafe (SiriusXM Book Channel) audio interview (55:30 min)“Interview with Katherine Neville, David Baldacci, and Daniel Stashower” SiriusXM Book Channel: Author Cafe Katherine Neville, David Baldacci, and Daniel Stashower David Baldacci, Daniel Stashower and Katherine were invited by the producers of SiriusXM’s Book Channel, Kim Alexander and Maggie Linton, to be their guest on the first […]

diyMFA: Writing the Epic Quest Novel (1hr 4:13min)

diyMFA audio interview with Katherine Neville (1 hr 4:13 min)“Writing the Epic Quest Novel”May 3, 2017 diyMFA Episode 145: Writing the Epic Quest Novel  Interview with Katherine Neville     Listen to the interview: MAY 03, 2017 by Gabriela Pereira    Hey there word nerds!   Today I’m pleased to have Katherine Neville on the show.Katherine’s […]

The Independent

The Independent book review of The FireNovember 20, 2008 The Fire, By Katherine Neville Just like The Da Vinci Code – but much better Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code has become instant shorthand for those who consider it the last word in dumbed-down, crassly written fiction. But there is no denying the appeal of […]

Thomas Jefferson’s 275th Birthday

Tomorrow, April 13th, 2018, marks the 275th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth. I have had a long relationship with TJ (as some of us call him here in Virginia) ever since I moved here thirty years ago. I was delighted when I learned that he had designed another house, after his famous home (a UNESCO […]

My Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry blossom festival is the best week in Washington DC, and always falls on my birthday. I wrote an entire scene in The Fire set during that first week in April. Here is a vase filled with cherry blossoms from my own tree, a 60-foot tall ornamental cherry planted fifty years ago by the famous […]

The Sacred Architecture of Thomas Jefferson

written July 4, 2010 (Katherine Neville’s July 4th Newsletter) “THE SACRED ARCHITECTURE OF THOMAS JEFFERSON” “Let the annual return of this day forever refresh our recollections of these rights, and an undiminished devotion to them.” -Thomas Jefferson, July 4, 1826 On July 4, 1826–a date that, coincidentally, also marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence–Thomas […]

THE FIRE Book Tour through Spain

The Fire was greeted spectacularly in Spain. Below is a great video that follows the book tour’s progress through Spain, and a few selections from the many photographs taken during the tour. “El Fuego” Book Tour in Spain Click on the video to watch (3:24 minutes)   One of the fabulous window displays and floor displays […]


MomCentral interview with Katherine Neville“International Best-selling Author Katherine Neville Captivates a New Generation”October 27, 2015 International Best-selling Author Katherine Neville Captivates a New Generation   A jewel-encrusted chess set once owned by Charlemagne. Two young nuns embroiled in the French Revolution. An American computer expert assigned to a high-stakes mission. More than 25 years ago, […]

Random House Interview

Interview with Katherine Neville about The Fire Random House Interview: A Talk with Katherine Neville It’s been twenty years since The Eight. Why did it take so long to write The Fire? I don’t actually write my books, they kind of write themselves—but they also seem to decide on their own when they are going to be […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Octal Newsletter October 4, 2012

  KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Octal Newsletter October 4, 2012   “Oc” in Rome: the 8th Month In the ancient Roman calendar, which began in March at the equinox, September was counted as the 7th month (“Sept” means 7), October was the 8th month, November the 9th, and December the 10th. I’m partial to all things octal, […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Hallowe’en Newsletter Oct 31, 2009

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Hallowe’en Newsletter October 31, 2009   In the ancient Celtic calendar, so it is said, All Hallows Eve (which begins at sunset on October 31) marks the end of the old year, and the new year doesn’t begin until dawn on November 3. The intervening days (All Souls and All Saints days in […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Book Launch Aug 25, 2009

Welcome everyone! This note is to let you all know that THE FIRE –the sequel to The Eight–is on sale in trade paperback (large format), beginning on August 25, 2009!   THE FIRE: The Bestseller THE FIRE–my long-awaited sequel to The Eight–has spent more than SIX MONTHS ON BESTSELLER LISTS around the world, including The New […]

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Newsletter July 4, 2009

KATHERINE NEVILLE’S Newsletter July 4, 2009   Welcome all! This is my first-ever newsletter! From now on, I’ll only be sending a few of these messages per year–and only if something is really news! First: If you want to write to me, or if your friends or family want to sign up for my newsletter–or if you […]

D.C. Mysteriosa

(Washington: Mysterious District of Columbia) For the Spanish launch of El Fuego (The Fire) the noted Spanish magazine El Mundo wanted to do a feature interview with me at home in Washington, DC, where many of the modern scenes of the book take place. For this interview, they flew over photographer Chema Conesa, with the […]

The Horse Of Carthage

Some say that the name Carthage was the punic word for New City, which would seem an apt title, as it was the new city founded by queen Dido of Phoenician Tyre. However, Robert Graves tells us there was once an incarnation of the universal and ancient Great Goddess, whose name was also Car, and […]

My Secret Spain

This essay was published in Troika Magazine, Fall 1998. My Secret Spain by Katherine Neville My first exposure to Spain took place in the early 1970’s, when I was living in North Africa as a consultant to the Algerian government. This period would later provide fodder for my first book, The Eight, an epic story […]